• Saw Singulation 切割分选机
Saw Singulation 切割分选机

Saw Singulation 切割分选机

Product Description:

Ø Hi-speed Productivity : 36,000 (Picker Speed)

Ø 300x100 Strip capability, 1.3x1.3 Picker capability,

Ø High warpage handling up to 8mm Strip Length x 3 mm Strip Width

Ø Strip In Strip Out Lead Frame Half-Cut/Isolation process

Ø Strip Reject to Magazine for high warpage and alignment off strip

Ø Dual Saw-Chuck table and Dual Package Drying and Cleaning system

Ø Livebug/Deadbug Offload Selectable after Sawing process

Ø Dual Sorting Vision table, one Singulated strip per table

Ø Package side Brush-cleaning with 6 Side Vision

Ø Auto Teaching Transfer and PNP by Vision Camera

Ø High-precision control and movement by Linear motor

Ø 2 x 8 Individual motorized Cam driven pickers with Auto

Rotation for Unit Orientation and PRS Vision for Placement Accuracy

Ø Universal Vacuum Pickers design

Ø Dual Good Tray unloading

Ø 2D code and Strip mapping traceability up to Tray

Ø Unloading Option : JEDEC Tray / Tube / Canister / Bulk and TNR

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